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General Info

Why is the website in English?

We celebrate the diversity of the Vilnius Squash community and want to ensure that everyone can find and join the League without a language barrier. We also understand that not everyone might speak English, so Lithuanian version is coming out soon as well.

What is the age limit to register?

Vilnius Squash league accepts everyone over 18 years old, and all our younger players are welcome to join the Junior League.

How do I sign-up?

It’s quick and easy! You can do it here by filling in a short online form. Your information will be reviewed and you will soon receive login information that will allow you to sign in to the site and manage your league.

How do I log-in?

Before you can log in, you will need to sign-up to Vilnius Squash league. Click here to do so.

Once you have an account with us, you can log in with either your email address or username and password (you can change these in your account page). 

“Log-in” button can be found at the top, right-hand corner of the site.

If you have forgotten your username or password, go to your account page and click ‘change password’ section where you can follow further instructions.

If you’re having issues logging in, please do not create a new account, but contact us if you need help logging in or want to recover a blocked account.

How do I change my details?

Go to ‘Account’ page:

On the ‘Edit account’ tab, you can easily amend your personal details and email address.

On the ‘Change password” tab you can change your password.

For more information on how we use your personal data see our ‘Privacy’ page.

Playing your matches

Do I have to be an advanced player to join the league?

Squash League is open to everyone and we will make our best efforts to place you in a division that matches your opponents’ level so it is a fair game to all. Our younger players are welcome to join the Junior league.

How is my squash division determined?

The sign-up form helps us to place you in a division for your first Round. If you are a returning player, we will also look at your past results in the League. You might be asked to have a Test game to help us better determine your current level.

We always make our best efforts to place you in the most suitable division. Divisions are dynamic and change every Round depending on who signs up. However, we cannot change your division in the middle of the Round.

How many matches will I get to play?

You should play at least 4 matches depending on your division size and how many players recently joined the league.

What is a Round?

At the start of each month, every signed-up player is assigned to their division and the Round begins! During a Round, you are expected to have played all your matches. A Round is closed on the last day of each month.

Where and when are matches played?

Matches are organised among players at a mutually agreed time and location (within Vilnius county). But we would expect everyone to make an effort so that all matches are played before the last day of the month when the Round finishes.

I have joined a Round! What happens next and how do I know who I am playing?

In case you signed-up in the middle of the Round, you will have to wait for the next Round to start playing, which is day 1 of a new month. When a new Round starts, we notify you by email with your next Division assignment.

What happens when the Round finishes?

All Match scores and your ranking are calculated automatically and Division tables close at the end of the month. Two top players are going to a higher Division, two lowest ranked players are going to the Division below. You might as well be the player retaining your position within the same Division. Leagues are dynamic and new joiners of the same level might be squeezing in, so we can never guarantee your position for future Rounds.

How do I find the Opponent's contact details?

When a new Round starts, the easiest way to find your Opponent’s details is to click on your Opponent’s name within your Division table. We also have a ‘Players directory’ at the top menu, where you can find all signed-up players and their contact information.

Squash for all

Vilnius Squash league is a private, non-commercial, non-governmental initiative.

Our goal is to promote squash sport and it’s values. We do not discriminate or exclude any nationality, sex, race, religion or sexual orientation and invite everyone to join our community. Any form of harassment, bullying or violence will not be tolerated and you risk being removed and blocked from the league.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit to play squash. The league staff is not present during the games and is limited to technical support and internet tools. It is your responsibility to make sure that help is available if an incident occurs and that the necessary arrangements are made for your safety.

Do not play if you feel tired or uncomfortable.

Stop a match if you feel unwell or different from normal, or if you or your partner are injured.

Talk to the other player about your condition and concerns.

Call for help or have help called if necessary.

You understand and agree that in no way can the league staff be held responsible for your health or the safety before, during and after the games or during your presence on venues. This is up to you and the sports venues.

Injured, holidays or just taking a break - what should I do?

For the league to run smoothly, we appreciate you quickly notifying us in case you get injured mid-Round or unable to play for other matters. Please give us advance notice if you know you won’t be able to play the next Round or wish to skip a month or few. However, we cannot guarantee you will come back to the same Division as before, because our league is always dynamic.


  • Injured (Noticed): -1 Div,
  • Did Not Play: -2 Div.

Reporting Scores

How do I enter my match scores?

The winner of a match should report the score. 

Simply click on your Division table and select your match from the ‘Matches’ table. You will find a button ‘Set Results’ where you will enter your score. Score is then automatically appearing in your Division table. If you made a mistake, you can easily amend the score the same way as entering it.

My match score is incorrect, what should I do?

We rely on each League player to enter accurate scores and match details. Firstly, we suggest contacting your Opponent who entered the score as it might have just been a mistake. In case you notice any discrepancies or falsification, please contact us in order for us to investigate and take appropriate actions. We look closely into each case and retain the right to remove any player from the league if we suspect malicious intentions.

What happens if I don’t hear back from other players?

You cannot claim the points if someone fails to respond to suggested match times. Please let us know if you are unable to get an answer from your Opponent after several attempts.

Anyone who fails to play any games in a Round and has not contacted us with a valid explanation, will be considered as someone who no longer wishes to continue playing and therefore will be removed from the next Round. They will have to request to rejoin the League.

Dates of Rounds

All Round dates are published here (Link deactivated – Year Calendar soon to be announced) and we will do our best to adhere to them. However, as we all know, unexpected things might happen and we might have to amend the calendar. We will notify every signed-up player with any changes by email and on our website.


Ranking points

All matches are played best of 5 games. Games are played to 11 points.

Here is how points will be awarded: 

2 points for playing a match + 1 point for each game won + 1 point for winning.


3 games to 0 = 6-2

3 games to 1 = 6-3

3 games to 2 = 6-4

No Show and Late Notice

If a game is arranged between two players and one does not show up at the agreed time and did not inform another player of the need to cancel the match, then the player has two choices: take 5 points for winning (but not full 6 as the match hasn’t been played) or to rearrange and replay the game at a mutually convenient time. Late Notice (less than 24 hours) and Recurring Cancellation are considered a no-show. The no-show player will receive 0 points.

No Show = 5-0

However, this is NOT the case if players have failed to arrange a match, in which case neither player receives any points.

Running out of time

If you run out of time on your booked court and there is no other court available to finish the match, then there are two options: either both players agree to replay the match or count the existing game score (2 points for playing + 1 point for every game won). The game in progress is not counted unless one player is at least 6 points ahead and thus deemed to have won the game. Bonus point for winning is not awarded as the match is unfinished. 

This gives:

1 game to 0 = 3-2

1 game to 1 = 3-3

2 games to 0 = 4-2

2 games to 1 = 4-3

2 games to 2 = 4-4

3 games to 2 = 5-4


If a game is not completed as a result of an injury to one player (and was not caused by the opponent) then the fit player may either arrange to play the game at a later date, or take the points as if he wins the remaining games. For example, if A plays B and the score is 1-2 when B gets injured then the points will be awarded as 6-4 in favour of A.

However, if the injury was caused or contributed to by the opponent then, by mutual consent, the game shall be rearranged or the above relevant points score taken as if ‘out of time’. In the last example, the score was 1-2 for A vs B and therefore the points would be awarded as 3-4 in favour of B.


If 2 (or more) players in the same Division finish the Round with the exact amount of points, then the results of the game(s) between these players are used as a tiebreaker.


How can I participate in the Playoffs - Intercity league?

Players of Divisions 1 to 3 are automatically enrolled and can participate in Intercity league matches with top players from other city Leagues around Lithuania.

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